Welcome to my life. Well...my take on life.

We all have a story to tell. Mine is by no means better or worse than anyone else, but it's mine. I’m just a SoCal native with a whimsical, hippy mentality who somehow, someway, found herself living in New York City. Adjusting from the cliché, laid-back, beach-driven lifestyle us west-coasters pride ourselves on, to New York’s intoxicating, socialite mentality was in no way a cakewalk. I’ve experienced some of the most exciting, challenging, incredible, exhausting, draining, and chaotic years of my life. The people I’ve met along the way and the accompanying experiences have undoubtedly fortified my musical spirit. Vibe and thrive is really meant to remind us, and myself, the positivity we can find among the disorder and uncertainty of life.

Vibe and thrive is my place, my space, my time to create.